Prepare for Value-Based Care

The health care industry is undergoing a seismic shift to value-based care. This is a complex transformation to a system where providers deliver pro­active care and prevention. The focus is on a new kind of collaboration, easy access to information through technology, and patient engagement.

The pressure is on your hospital's board, executives and physicians to make the transition successful—and seamless.

And the Estes Park Institute is uniquely positioned to help. In fact, we're already helping hospitals like yours make the leap to value-based care.

Explore what works—with a curriculum customized for where your hospital is on the journey to value.

• Reorganizing the Care Teams for Value-Based Delivery
• New Models for Success
• The Maryland Case Study
• Finding $$$ to Help Make the Move
• Driving the Transformation in Your Hospital and Your
You're in transition. We're here to make it successful.

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