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What is Your Approach to Education?

April 30, 2018

Do you provide health care education for your hospital leaders internally or participate in a system retreat? While this kind of education can be beneficial, your leaders are missing out on the advantages that an Estes Park Institute conference can provide:

Your leaders will have the chance to socialize, build relationships, and bond as a team. Traveling and learning together creates a unique opportunity for your team to get to know one another and work cohesively to address your hospital’s needs.

We have 15 core faculty members, along with guest presenters, who cover all the latest issues for health care executives, board members, and physician leaders. In-house education or retreats expose your leaders to just a few speakers (or even just one) who may not have the scope or expertise to address all aspects of hospital leadership.

Our conferences provide an opportunity for your leaders to network with their peers from hospitals across the nation. Those facing similar challenges will share their experiences, ideas, and solutions. Our faculty is also available to answer questions and react to your specific problems.

Getting away from the day-to-day operations of the hospital allows your leaders to relax and devote their full time and attention to the educational experience. Being removed from the hospital setting means the constant press of business will not distract from the learning process. 
An Estes Park Institute conference is a solid investment in your hospital’s future.

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