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Stephen Swensen, MD, Discusses Esprit de Corps at the Estes Park Phoenix Conference

February 19, 2018

Esprit de Corps is the single most impactful leading indicator of patient experience, outcomes, and cost as well as organizational performance.  After an enthusiastic reception at our San Francisco conference, Stephen Swensen, MD, an expert in leadership and professional burnout, is bringing this important message to our Phoenix conference, March 18-21, 2018.

Dr. Swensen’s keynote speech, “Esprit de Corps—Taking Care of Each Other For Our Patients,” offers an organizational framework that leaders can deploy to nurture esprit de corps and reduce professional burnout.  His approach is grounded on established research from the fields of organizational psychology and social science, which show a direct relationship between professional engagement and clinical and organizational performance.  Dr. Swensen shares methods for the development of thoughtful leaders and teams that have the capability to nurture camaraderie, purpose, wellbeing, and trust in order to create joy in work for the colleagues they lead.

Along with Della Lin, MD, Dr. Swensen will  also present “Addressing Burnout: An Essential Strategic Imperative.” This workshop, with participants interacting in a small group setting, will go deeper with an understanding around the importance of leveraging multiple strategies to mitigate burnout.

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Stephen Swensen, MD, Presents
"Esprit de Corps—Taking Care
of Each Other
For Our Patients"