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Lynn Barr Addresses Rural and Critical Access Hospital Issues

February 27, 2018

Guest presenter Lynn Barr, MPH, addresses the unique challenges of rural and critical access hospitals at the Estes Park Institute Phoenix and San Antonio conferences.

While working at a rural hospital as Chief Information Officer, Ms. Barr organized the National Rural Accountable Care Consortium to overcome barriers for rural health providers so they could participate in innovative payment models under health care reform. As Chief Executive Officer of Caravan Health, she has lead the development and execution of nationwide programs that bring better care to patients and help health care providers achieve financial success.

Read more about Lynn Barr's sessions:

Rural Hospitals & Critical Access Hospitals | Lynn Barr, MPH & Robert Mechanic, MBA
Although some rural and critical access hospitals are strong and financially stable, many are struggling. These hospitals frequently struggle to recruit physicians and rely heavily on Medicare and Medicaid, which face future funding constraints. Many serve communities struggling with poverty, addiction, and social ills. Rural hospitals are frequently economic anchors of their communities so that cost cutting may have road impacts on local residents and businesses. Some rural hospitals may find fiscal stability through joining a larger system. But hospitals should consider other strategic options that include joining or establishing clinically integrated networks and accountable care organizations. We will discuss recent successes by rural hospitals that have shifted to a population health model. We will also discuss how rural hospitals have begun responding to the opioid crisis by integrating behavioral health in primary care clinics, using new, billable services. Finally, we will discuss the future of rural health clinics and potential vulnerabilities of cost-based reimbursement in 2020 and beyond.

Improve Patient Outcomes, Provider Satisfaction, Quality Scores, and Profits with Population Health Nurses | Lynn Barr, MPH
Prevention, wellness, and great primary care improve patient outcomes and save lives. They also increase patient loyalty, reduce hospital penalties, and enhance the health of the community. The surprising secret is this work increases hospital revenue and profits. This workshop will help you construct a great population health program using nurses and other team members to manage the health of the population. New billing codes that support this effort will be discussed, and participants will construct a staffing model for their community.

Accountable Care Workshop: Taking Clinical Integration from Concept to Reality | Lynn Barr, MPH & Steven Tringale
Clinically Integrated Networks are a great strategy for hospitals to prepare for the future, tightening their referral network, supporting independent clinicians, reducing readmission penalties, and setting the stage for risk-bearing contracts. This workshop will discuss the essential elements of Physician Leadership, Participation Criteria, Performance Improvement, Information Technology, Payor Contracting, Legal Considerations, and Flow of Funds. Participants will engage in assessing their strengths and weaknesses related to Clinical Integration and better understand the opportunities and threats to their future success.

There is still time to register for the Estes Park Institute in Phoenix, March 18-21, or San Antonio, April 22-25, to hear this rural health care expert and recognized leader in the movement to transform and improve our nation’s health.

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