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Patients Are Truly at the Center of Everything We Do

March 12, 2018

Estes Park Institute Senior Fellow, Gary Kaplan, MD, is a nationally recognized leader in the health care field.  He has been named to Modern Healthcare’s “50 Most Influential Physician Executives and Leaders” and “100 Most Influential People in Healthcare” lists consistently for several years, among other honors.

Under Dr. Kaplan’s leadership, Virginia Mason Health System, where he serves as CEO, is also receiving national recognition.  Virginia Mason was named among the top 50 hospitals in the country by Healthgrades.  Each year, Healthgrades—a leading resource providing comprehensive information about health care providers—identifies the top hospitals by assessing their clinical outcomes for common inpatient conditions and procedures.

“Our journey to transform health care and become the quality leader started nearly two decades ago when we began transforming our organization into one where patients are truly at the center of everything we do,” says Dr. Kaplan. “We’ve built a model where quality and safety are foremost, innovation and collaboration are encouraged, lessons learned are shared broadly, and patient engagement is essential to our continuous improvement efforts.”

Estes Park Institute is proud to have this renowned leader as part of our expert faculty. Sessions featuring Dr. Kaplan:

"Bedside to the Boardroom:  Experiencing a Culture of Safety" with Della Lin, MD
Experience (def.): “Conscious events that make up an individual’s life. Practical contact and knowledge gained through direct observation and participation.” How do we experience a culture of safety? How does the elusive concept move from rhetoric to reality? The journey toward patient and workforce safety never ends. The physical and psychological safety of our patients and staff is paramount. Safety is not just a strategic priority, it is a core value involving the commitment and unrelenting focus of EVERYONE in our health care organizations. This program will take the framework of “Leading a Culture of Safety Blueprint” (LLI/ACHE 2017), focusing on behaviors that will help to create and sustain a Culture of Safety. Attendees will dive deeply into stories, tools, best practices, and provocative new perspectives that bring a “culture of safety” into tangible experiences—from the bedside to the boardroom. 

“Bundled Payments:  Making it Real”
As payment models evolve, there is no single model that will be the result of the transition from volume to value. Bundled payments may be an end point or a transition on the way from fee-for-service to full-risk. This workshop will review best practices in successful bundle payment programs and provide a roadmap for employers, providers, and patients coming together around common objectives. There will be ample time for ideas sharing and open discussion.

“Attracting and Developing Physician Leadership” with Linda Haddad, JD
One of the most important roles of physician leaders is to ensure a robust pipeline of up-and-coming physician leaders, preparing the next generation of leadership. It involves identifying candidates (who often self-select in ways not even obvious to them) and creating roles and challenges for their growth in expertise and confidence. Developing a “pool” of potential successors is a hallmark of great leaders and a vital legacy.

Dr. Kaplan will participate in our invitational CEO Roundtable, an opportunity to network, share information, and explore the issues facing hospital CEOs across the country. He will also be part of our panel discussion on the nationwide opioid epidemic

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