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Prepare Your Leaders for THE CHALLENGE

July 19, 2018

Prepare your leaders for THE CHALLENGETo use the energy and organization of local hospitals for better health care and better health.

After relative stability in the hospital field, what is happening now in some places—and sometimes quietly—could have far-reaching, lasting implications.

Some changes will not have any effect, some a small effect, and some may be monumental. Some expected changes may not ultimately occur—and some will be positive—but all, including those yet unknown, can affect stability and require planning, and most will increase the cost of care. THE CHALLENGE will be how to deal with these changes and more going forward...

  • Hospital inpatient revenue is going down while outpatient care and revenue are going up
  • More surgeries can be done in a day and the patient goes home
  • Greater use of telemedicine allows care in the home, and more extensive care in the small town and the small hospital
  • Less use of physicians for certain care—greater use of allied health professionals
  • Industry changes are outpacing payment reform
  • A major entry into health care of non-medical players and companies, both large and small
  • Skilled nursing and other care has expanded outside of hospitals, with major payment but little monitoring
  • The cost of pharmaceuticals is increasing beyond the ability of individuals to pay
  • Experimental new payment systems—global budgets, ACO’s, value-based payments, bundled payments
  • Coordinating post-acute care could save money and improve health—but the savings goes to government and insurance companies, not employees, hospitals, or people
  • Lack of care coordination in behavioral health
  • Burnout and shortages of physicians, nurses, and other health professionals
  • Chronic disease and its cost increases in an aging population
  • Electronic medical records are being used without interoperability
  • Difficulties of population health
  • And then there are opioids …
  • And what next …

Prepare your leaders for THE CHALLENGE at Estes Park Institute.

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