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Governance in a Disruptive Environment

September 14, 2018

The Estes Park conference governance sessions provide a forum to discuss the unique challenges boards face during this time of disruption in the health care industry.

At our upcoming 2018-2019 conferences, we will examine industry trends, including what’s happening in Washington, the latest payment mechanisms, the disruptive impact of new investors in the health care field, and new threats and risks for the health care organization and Board.

These sessions will help to prepare trustees to deal with the ever-changing health care environmental issues that impact their roles and responsibilities, such as leadership and communication within the community—health inside and outside of the four walls of the organization, staying on top of the ever-changing and disruptive environment, helping the organization adapt to the new environment, and developing a culture to succeed in the future.

There will be opportunities for discussion and planning around critical success factors and actions to consider. For example, criteria to make future capital decisions, the options of alliances vs. acquisition, how to asses risk and develop strategies to mitigate risk in the organization, rethinking the model for strategic and financial planning and the plan itself, and how the Board can relate to the medical staff in this changing environment.

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