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January 7, 2019

Estes Park Institute’s upcoming keynote speakers and guest presenters represent the newest in health care innovations and forward thinking:

Naples and Phoenix keynote speaker Joshua Sharfstein, MD, former health Secretary in Maryland and Professor of the Practice in Health Policy and Management at Johns Hopkins, examines “The What, Why, and How of All-Payer Hospital Global Budgets.” Dr. Sharfstein breaks down this alternative payment approach that incentivizes care coordination, prevention, reductions in unnecessary care, and greater community health.

The global budgeting conversation continues in Naples and Phoenix as Barry Ronan, MPA, President & CEO of Western Maryland Health System, shares his hospital’s journey to transition their health care delivery model from volume focused to one that is value based—successfully reducing preventable admissions, readmissions, ED visits, and ancillary utilization.

Keynote speaker Joe Kimura, MD, MPH, CMO of Atrius Health, presents “Pragmatic Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care Today” at the Estes Park Institute San Diego conference. Dr. Kimura delves into this hot topic and moves beyond the hype to explore concrete applications that can be leveraged to help make health care more efficient, more reliable, and more effective.

Also in San Diego, Rich Bluni, RN, speaks onthe challenging physical, emotional, and intellectual work it takes to serve and lead others. Mr. Bluni’s Inspired Leadership message provides a wealth of action-oriented “spiritual stretches” to help leaders more fully integrate the gifts of health care—joy, wonder, gratitude, insight, and grief—into their daily lives.

Gary Kaplan, MD, presents “Seeking Perfection: Reflections on the Journey,” exploring how the power of a new strategic vision—focused on moving from a physician driven organization to a patient driven organization—can catalyze change and engage physicians, staff, patients, and families with common purpose and passion for improvement. Dr. Kaplan will present at all conferences.

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