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Staying Ahead of the Curve as a Board Member

January 18, 2019

Stay ahead of the curve by joining us in Phoenix, March 17-20, where our program includes:

Challenges Facing Trustees (special Sunday early session) — John Horty, LLB; Jennifer Bell; Barry Bittman, MD; Joseph Scherger, MD & Fraser Seitel

For the past century, beginning after World War I, trustees have had responsibility for the growth of community hospitals (almost all were independent community hospitals) and of health care in hospitals. That responsibility is changing, and now, changing rapidly. Systems are replacing independent hospitals and the new responsibility of
hospital trustees is rapidly increasing into the community. This requires looking at payment to the hospital for these increased responsibilities, and at the same time, cutting the cost of care with the financial risk that entails. For being part of a system does not automatically decrease financial risk to the community hospital. We will discuss the challenges and give ideas to meet them.

Future Governance by Trustees: Governance in a Disruptive EnvironmentJohn Tiscornia, MBA, CPA & Gary Kaplan, MD

This session discusses the unique challenges boards face during this time of disruption in the health care industry. It will help to prepare trustees to deal with the ever changing health care environmental issues that impact their roles and responsibilities, such as leadership and communication within the community—health inside and outside of the four walls of the organization, staying on top of the ever changing and disruptive environment, helping the organization adapt to the new environment, and developing a culture to success in the future. There will be opportunities for discussion and planning around critical success factors and actions to consider.

Board Responsibility for Integrating Strategic and Financial Planning — John Tiscornia, MBA, CPA

In these challenging times of intense competition, increasing expenses, decreasing revenue, and changing medical technology, it is critical that the organization has a strategic plan and a financial plan. However, these two plans must be integrated in the organization to be successful. A strategic plan without the financial implementation will not be achievable. It is the board’s responsibility to ensure that these two plans are integrated. This workshop will provide the board with key questions and monitoring criteria to ensure that the strategic plan and financial plan are integrated.

What Boards Need to Know About Medical Staffs…and What Medical Staffs Need to Know About BoardsLinda Haddad, JD

 Of course both seek excellent care of the community and their patients, but appreciation of each other’s perspectives, commitments, and dedication contributes greatly—both to success of the organization and to joy in the journey. “Walking a mile in another’s shoes” is a metaphor for developing empathy. Understanding the depth and breadth of the other’s expertise and caring may deepen respect as well as progress toward shared goals.

Invitational Board Chair RoundtableJohn Horty, LLB & Anthony Pinevich, MD, MBA

This special invitational session provides an opportunity to discuss unique challenges and brainstorm with board chairs from other hospitals.

Want to learn how all-payer global budgeting works? Interested in optimizing your post-acute care coordination strategy? Need ideas for promoting health in your community? The Estes Park Institute program also includes these timely topics... and much more.

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