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Upcoming Conference Focus: Value-Based Care

April 30, 2019

“We know that the age of fee-for-service medicine is gradually but undeniably giving way to value-based care.” That’s how Rick Pollack put it in his column for Modern Healthcare.

The focus of value-based health care is to improve the quality and safety of the care delivered in all settings, to improve patient satisfaction and engagement, and to improve the community’s health status, while managing per capita costs.

Every institution is facing the challenge to adapt, but each hospital’s journey is going to be different based on the unique demands of its market, communities, and patient population.

The hospital and health system, at all levels – trustees, executives, and clinical leaders – are under enormous pressure to define the governance model and operational and financial structure of the care system, while maintaining the hospital system.

Estes Park Institute provides front-line education for executives, board members and physician leaders of multi-facility health care systems and community hospitals. We bring health care teams together in a learning environment that provides the opportunity for growth and innovation.

Estes Park Institute already is helping hospitals develop solutions and new business models that will meet your patient population’s needs in a way that has never been done before.

Virtually all members of hospital leadership, including the C-Suite (CMO, CFO, CNO, CIO), have a critical stake in leading the hospital's efforts required for success with the transformation.

For that reason, plus many more, we invite you to attend our conference this year – and prepare for value-based health care like your future depends on it!


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