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Whistleblowers – A Protected Species

May 23, 2019

As part of his Legal Clinic breakout at our Half Moon Bay conference, Dan Mulholland, Esq., discusses “Whistleblowers – A Protected Species.”

Whistleblowers seem to be popping up everywhere. And more and more laws are passing to protect them. The State of Washington just enacted a law saying that individuals qualify as “whistleblowers” by reporting to the Department of Health or initiating, participating, or cooperating in investigations which raise quality of care concerns.

These whistleblowers are now protected against “reprisal or retaliatory action” taken against them in the peer review process so long as their actions are taken in good faith. Between laws like this and the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act, hospitals and physicians need to watch their backs more than ever before.

Come to the Estes Park Institute this fall and learn how these new laws can affect you.

Other legal challenges covered in Mr. Mulholland’s Legal Clinic breakout include:

#MeToo in Health Care
Suing the Hospital for Events Outside Its Walls
Rise of Fraud
Decline of Community Governance

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