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Submit Your Hospital's Innovation Video for 2020

October 15, 2019

Estes Park Institute, premier provider of health care education, connects health care leaders at conferences five times each year. Many hospitals face similar challenges, and it has been very valuable for these hospital leaders to learn from each other.

Last year, hospitals from across the country shared innovative ideas and unique programs being implemented at their organizations as part of Estes Park Institute’s first innovation video series. Read more...

Estes Park Institute would like to continue to share your innovations and ideas going forward. For our 2019-2020 conference season, we are accepting video submissions of innovative ideas, programs, or practices that have been implemented, and we would like to hear from you.

If your organization has done something unique and timely to improve care, change the lives of your patients and/or staff, or improve the health of your community, please share your story. Have you discovered something valuable from a mistake or failure? Feel free to share what you have learned from that experience, also.

Share your story so that others may learn from your experience.

Video Submission Details:

• Submit a link to a short video (five minutes or less) to
• Include the organization name, location, size, and type
• Indicate the problem or issue
• Share how you tackled it and whether it was a success or a failure
• Share what you learned along the way and any measurable

Submission Deadline for 2020:  December 14, 2019

The top submissions will be shared at our winter/spring 2020 conferences. Additional submissions may be shared on our website.

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Submit Your Hospital's Innovation
Video for 2020