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New Ways of Generating Revenue and Cost Containment

September 6, 2019

Hospital and health system executives across the country have identified revenue growth and cost containment as critical priorities in order to position their organizations for success amid the transition to value-based care and growing disruption, competition, and margin pressures in the industry. As many new technologies and growth opportunities arise, offering solutions to financial and operational performance improvement, it is important to align new initiatives with overarching organization strategy and vision to ensure investments deliver results.

This conference season, John Tiscornia presents “New Ways of Generating Revenue and Cost Containment” where he will explore new strategies and technologies for revenue growth and cost containment and provide key considerations to align new initiatives and investments with strategic plans.

This presentation will provide an opportunity to:

  • Discuss the impact of the industry trajectory toward value-based care on traditional approaches to revenue growth and cost containment.  Discuss ways to position your organization for financial success in a value-based care environment. 
  • Develop a better understanding of new industry trends and technologies to assist organizations in pursuing revenue growth and cost containment. 
  • Equip board members, physicians, and executive leaders with key questions and considerations to align investments in technology and pursuit of growth opportunities with desired results and outcome. 
  • Understand the importance of continuing to optimize core business practices while pursuing innovative new strategies. 
  • Understand key first steps toward identifying the “right fit”
    solution(s) for your organization. 

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