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Della Lin, MD – Patient Safety Trailblazer

September 19, 2019

Patient safety trailblazer, Della Lin, MD, addresses transformation, patient safety, and burnout at the Estes Park Institute conferences. She is a nationally acclaimed anesthesiologist whose new thinking on patient safety and quality issues has inspired leaders to take bold action and has cemented her reputation as a go-to patient safety expert.

At our upcoming conferences, Dr. Lin will explore extending safety science and principles beyond the hospital walls:

“Safety Beyond Our Inner Circle” Medical care occurs in a continuum, yet patient safety has gained most traction within hospital walls. Isn’t it time to broaden our efforts? Dr. Lin describes safety principles that apply throughout the continuum of care and discusses examples of safety science that extend beyond our hospital walls.

Dr. Lin also joins the conversation on transformation with “Quickening the Pulse on Transformation” and “Social Needs and Determinants: What Matters?” then delves deeper into the impact of burnout on the transformation process in her workshop:

“Running on Empty with Burnout: Transformation on Fumes” — In May 2019, the World Health Organization recognized burnout as one of its areas of health care focus. ICD-11 recognizes burnout as an occupational phenomenon. Burnout – although a conference subject for several years now – is NOT going away. The exhaustion from burnout and incivility impacts performance and impacts the capacity for an organization to transform.

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