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Transforming Unacceptable Health Realities in Your Community

September 26, 2019

What are the unacceptable health realities in your community? And what would it take to change them?

Some of the unhealthiest towns in the world have reversed their trajectory—and so can yours. Think about how to set a bolder ambition, broaden the health care team, focus on micro-geographies, integrate social interventions with clinical systems, shift economic incentives, and elevate the health of those who work inside the health system.

As one of the most provocative thought leaders in health care, Leanne Kaiser Carlson, MSHA, has helped shape the future of hundreds of health systems—transforming thinking, encouraging innovation, and inspiring what is possible. At the Estes Park Institute 2019-2020 conferences, she presents "Transforming Unacceptable Health Realities in Your Community."

Hear this visionary message and more at an upcoming Estes Park Institute conference.

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