For Board Members

While our general sessions provide the big picture and you have an opportunity to choose from workshops that cover a variety of topics, this year the conference will also feature breakouts to cover topics that are specific to your role as a board member. Our faculty will help you to better understand the many pressing issues health care organizations are facing today.

 A special invitational session for board chairs provides an opportunity to discuss the unique challenges they face and brainstorm with board chairs from other hospitals.

Challenges for Trustees

In this special session held before the first general session, we will examine the new challenges trustees are facing in this time of transformation. This discussion, led by Estes Park Institute faculty, will help prepare participants to get the most from the conference.

The core duty of Trustees is for the hospital to deliver safe and effective health care at the lowest practical cost. But the transformation in health care that is beginning to occur is that hospital health care is a means; it is not an end. The goal – the end is health. And this goal will expand the responsibility of hospital boards.

We will examine this transformation, who is requiring it, how it will be paid for, the role of government, the concept of risk, and how transformation will change the hospital. In addition, we will discuss the need for educating the community and the hospital’s employees, nurses, and physicians.