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June 18, 2020

Fraser Seitel, Estes Park Institute’s authority on health care communications and public relations expert, shares key steps hospitals should be taking to reassure their communities and patients of the importance of maintaining their health needs and that safety protocols are in place to protect them:

• First, a hospital must clearly communicate how it has succeeded in confronting Covid-19… what measures it has instituted to ensure the continuing safety of itself and its patients… and why it is confident in returning to normal operation.

• Second, a hospital must remind the community of the distinctive elective procedures and services it offers and encourage individuals, who may have postponed such procedures in light of the virus, that now is the perfect time to take action.

• Third, over time as the virus continues to subside, a hospital must continually update the community on its record – in terms of increased patients, visits, surgeries, etc. – to underscore the notion that the return to normalcy is well underway.