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Estes Park Institute is pleased to announce that John Nance, respected health care and aviation expert and well-known analyst for ABC and Good Morning America, will join us in Half Moon Bay this November.

You will most likely recognize the name John Nance (and the face) from his many years on air. He is best known as Aviation Analyst for ABC World News and Aviation Editor for Good Morning America, but that’s just the beginning!  Mr. Nance is a licensed attorney, a decorated Air Force pilot veteran of Vietnam and Operations Desert Storm/Desert Shield and a Lt. Colonel in the USAF Reserve.  He has piloted commercial aircraft, is the best-selling author of 19 books, and one of America’s most dynamic professional speakers.  His editorials have been published in newspapers nationwide, and he has made countless appearances on national television news shows.

Mr. Nance has pioneered and advocated using the lessons from the recent revolution in aviation safety to equally revolutionize the patient safety performance of hospitals, doctors, nurses, and all of health care.  He is a founding board member and is on the executive committee of the National Patient Safety Foundation and is the author of Why Hospitals Should Fly, named Book of the Year by the ACHE.  His broad experience and unique perspective will add something truly special to our Half Moon Bay conference program.

We also welcome Dr. Thomas Hale, a virtual care pioneer from Mercy Virtual Care Center, and advanced care planning expert Dr. Jeff Thompson, CEO of Gundersen Health System.

 Thomas Hale, MD, PhD is the Executive Medical Director, Telehealth Services, Mercy Virtual Care Center in Chesterfield, Missouri.  Next year, Mercy is opening the first virtual care center in the United States. It will serve as a command center for 75 telemedicine programs and house 300 physicians, nurses, researchers, and support staff. Mercy estimates they will manage more than three million telehealth visits over the next five years. Although a center like this is the first of its kind, in many ways it represents a continuation of what Mercy has already been doing. Dr. Hale will discuss the impact on quality and cost, how it is enabling care in the home, and the design of virtual villages.

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Jeff Thompson, MD is CEO of Gundersen Health System in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.  Gundersen Health System’s approach to advanced care planning led to the development of an extraordinarily effective care model for patients with complex chronic illnesses. From unprecedented community engagement to innovative medical information sharing, there are systems to support patient wishes. In La Crosse, 96% of those who die have an advance care plan, and that plan is followed 99% of the time. When patients choose palliative care, these clinicians and nurses then slide into the care mix to augment, not eliminate, the primary care or care coordinators already deeply connected to the patient. Dr. Thompson will talk about the way all these innovations come together to transform care for those with advanced disease.

Estes Park is excited to be able to bring these guest innovators to Half Moon Bay to share their cutting-edge knowledge and expertise from health care’s front lines.

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