While we always welcome individual health care leaders to attend, TEAM ATTENDANCE is encouraged to promote cooperation and the exchange of ideas. This maximizes the opportunity for implementing new strategies at your hospital or health system. Build your team to include:


The traditional health care C-Suite continues to expand and, depending on the organizational structure, may include a larger pool of people that work together to make a hospital or health system perform at top level. From the CEO to department managers, each person plays a key role in moving the organization to the next level and ensuring success. Be sure to examine your structure and bring the right mix of leaders.


Board education is paramount as health care continues to transform at a rapid pace. Estes Park Institute welcomes and encourages both new and seasoned board members to attend. Our build-your-own program format outlines a choice of introductory as well as advanced sessions. Providing new board members with a solid foundation is imperative, and keeping all board members abreast of the changing landscape is a must.


Physician, physician leader, future physician leader, employed or independent – whatever each physician’s unique situation, it is important they understand the direction of the hospital or health care system they represent. They need to embrace the vision as they deliver care to patients and interact with staff. Physicians should be well informed, supported, and included in the conversation.


Community involvement is an important aspect of health care. When you work together with community leaders and organizations to implement programs that promote health and well-being, everyone benefits.

Tackling the opioid crisis with your local police force, promoting health and wellness through the school district, engaging with government officials to impact legislation—initiatives like these require a more advanced level of understanding for all involved. That’s why, for each conference registrant, we offer complimentary registration for a community representative.

Community representatives will learn more about the challenges you face as a health care leader and hear innovative ideas for improving public health. This insight and knowledge will lead to improved cooperation and spark ideas for additional collaborative efforts.