At the Estes Park Institute, we offer a complete educational experience for health care leadership teams. We cover the most significant and timely topics in health care and provide each member of your team with the opportunity to customize their learning to help reach their specific goals.

  • General Sessions.  All conference participants come together to hear the latest information from the health care front and are inspired by experts that have been testing and implementing innovative strategies and finding solutions to solve complex problems and challenges affecting health care delivery as a whole.
  • Breakouts.  After the morning general session, participants self-divide into concurrent breakout sessions on a specific topic of the overarching theme of the morning. These sessions will speak to specific areas of interest or delve deeper into a certain topic that relates back to the program theme. Breakouts offer the attendees the opportunity to participate more actively, sharing information and insight in the relevant topics that relate to the themes of the conference.
  • Workshops.  In these small groups, the Estes Park Institute faculty and registrants “roll up their sleeves” and dive into the nuts and bolts of specific issues. Using case studies and success stories, the facilitator engages participants in discussion, enabling them to ask questions that relate to their own organization and leave with a plan to tackle the specific challenge of each workshop.
  • Invitational Roundtables.  These small, focused sessions give participants the opportunity to brainstorm and share ideas with their peers from across the country. Roundtables are held for CEOs, board chairs, and CMOs/physician leaders. Each session is limited to 14 participants and facilitated by an Estes Park faculty member.
  • Time for Team Building.  Away from it all, strengthen the ties that bind trustees, management and medical staff leadership. A portion of every conference is designated as free time, so you can explore, discuss, grow and connect.
  • Access to the Estes Park Institute Faculty.  Before, during, and after the conference, seize the opportunity with unprecedented access to some of health care’s most-renowned minds. The experience doesn’t end when the conference does.
  • Continuing Education Credits.  Every conference is approved for ACCME, ACHE, and NAMSS credits.